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The history of tap dance is complex, and no simple guide can do justice to the stories of the men and women who kept tap dance alive during the tumultuous early days of tap dance history. This series is designed to support the tap dance educator in efforts to include tap history in their programs. Each page contains links to video footage and additional readings. I have created this guide to use with my students. I hope you and your students will be inspired, as I was, to learn more. Tap into History can be the initiative that sparks renewed interest and appreciation for tap dance in your programming.

Tap into History (e-book)

  • Thank you for your order. Upon your purchase, you will receive a link that is good for 30 days. Open the link to download this product by saving it to your desktop or folder within your computer.  If you have Adobe Acrobat, you can copy and share individual pages with students. You can screenshot a page to share but the links will not be active. Be sure to save your downloaded file where you can easily access it.

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