Thelma’s Tap Notes: Classroom Kit (NEW FEATURES ADDED!)

There are three components to the Classroom Kit. The first is the Rhythm Cards which now include 192 different rhythms including eighth-note triplets and sixteenth notes as well as "swing" rhythms and rhythms that come in on the "4.". The second is the 19 Classroom Worksheets that include My Tap Words, Word Scramble, Word Find and Match the Definition for each of the five levels identified in TTN. The third and NEW addition to the kit is a 5-level Checklist that coincides with the children's book. This checklist can be used to keep track of your teaching goals and to evaluate your students. All three components are downloadable pdf files. That way you can print the rhythm phrases in the size you desire. Once printed and laminated, these rhythm cards can help teach music theory and phrasing and can be used for choreography, improvisation and numerous games and rhythm activities. Note that the cards have a small number on the front. That number indicates the level and the order in which you can introduce the rhythms. Once a rhythm has been introduced it can be used over and over again for each successive level.

Classroom Kit

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