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Welcome back to class!

Thank you to everyone who completed the Tap Teacher Survey. The survey is now closed. As mentioned, the data will be analyzed and included in my mixed methods research study of the experience of teaching tap in the private sector studio. I look forward to sharing my doctoral dissertation sometime this spring (fingers-crossed).

In the meantime, like you, I am busy back at my studio exploring ways to engage my students in a holistic approach to learning tap, incorporating vocabulary, musical theory, improvisation, tap history, vocalization, skill development, and, of course, technique. While I am busy writing, I invite you to watch video clips from my Adult DVD series. I will post several video clips each week in the following areas of my curriculum: Rudiments (Stationary and Traveling), Ball changes, Double heels, Shuffles, Slaps, Flaps, Paddle and Roll, and Time Steps. If you are interested in purchasing a complete DVD (3 levels), visit my store where they are available for immediate download. As noted on the video screen, each combo coincides with a specific page in the Tap into Life Adult/Teen manual.

Happy Tapping,



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