• Thelma Goldberg

Let's talk about teaching Level Four Tap!

Level Four tap dancers continue to progress through the skills they have learned in the Rudiment, Shuffle, Slap, Flap and Double Heel exercise series. It is also a year of many new things! New ideas that are introduced to Level Four dancers include chugs, paddle and rolls, riffs, riffles, scuffles, spanks from the floor and much more!

They will have a wide range of steps in their tool belt to pull from, in addition to classic tap steps like Time Steps, Buffalo, Bombershay, Paddle and Rolls and the Shim Sham that will be learned throughout the year.

The continued development of musicality is very important in this level. Students will play eighth-note triplets and sixteenth note notes as well as being able to distinguish between straight and swing rhythms.

Check out this video excerpt from Thelma's Tap Notes: Children's Edition- Level Four! The full video is available to stream here. Find more videos like these on Thelma's Youtube page!

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