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Thelmas TAP NOTES develops and shares resources that support tap dance education in the private sector studio and K-16 classrooms. Since opening The Dance Inn in 1983, Thelma has passionately dedicated herself to the field of tap dance education as a student, teacher, choreographer, entrepreneur, and leader in the worldwide tap dance community.

"My studio is my laboratory, where I develop and experiment with new products to reach students of varied ages, ability levels, and learning styles. My holistic approach integrates history and music theory into technique and choreography lessons, providing students with a rich and dynamic experience that promotes a lifetime appreciation for tap dance."

Thelma Goldberg

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Tap into History

Tap into History is a 100-page guide to teaching tap dance history in independent sector studios and K-16 classrooms. This online book was started in 2016 and, during COVID-19, was shared on this website as mini-history lessons. This book now includes the following chapters:

    Tap History Eras

     Classic Dance Steps


     Important Women

     Important Men 

     Classic Dance Repertoire

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Thelma's TAP NOTES is a series of products designed to support tap dance education in various settings. It represents over 40 years of experience teaching in public schools, dance studios, and academic classrooms. A lack of resources prompted Thelma to publish her first book, "Thelma's Tap Notes: A Manual for Teaching Children" (2013). "Tap into Life," a book for teens and adults, was published in 2015. Video footage soon followed. Each exercise is demonstrated and available for free on Thelma's Youtube channel. Other teaching tools include a Tap into History poster, Rhythm Cards, and Classroom Worksheets. The newest addition to Thelma's Tap Notes is an E-book:  "Tap into History: A Guide for Teaching Tap History." 

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