"Thelma's Tap Notes" is a wonderful and very helpful addition to the learning tools for my staff and studio.  The book adds clarity to the process of teaching tap skills in the correct order so that students are successful and confident with their progress.  The music suggestions, choreography notes and tips and tools are so helpful to keeping routines unique and exciting while students master their tap levels. 

"This book is unique in it's style as it is a "teaching tool" not just an anthology of tap steps. Thelma's Tap Notes is a must have for any studio and teacher! 

Diane Abraham
The Dance Studio of Wakefield, MA

owner, director

Dance Teachers Club of Boston, former President

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Thelma's Tap Notes

"I've started incorporating the 'call and response' ideas with my dancers! Clapping or simply using rhythm sticks changes the vibe in class and has dancers excited about learning tap. I also love the smiles I receive from my young students when they say words to create rhythm. 'Pine-ap-ple and Wa-ter-mel-on" start off as silly words at first however when I incorporate the words to the rhythm you've presented in the book I soon get their attention and the students not only are enjoying tap but they are having fun doing it. The book is easy to follow even for a non-reader like me."

Pamela C Caira

Step-By-Step Dance Studio Waltham, MA