NEW!!!  Tap into Life: A Guide to Tap Dancing for Adults

This second book in the series is both a do-it-yourself for the adult learner as well as a guide for teachers.  Three levels are offered with specific goals, the technique required to reach them, and hundreds of exercises and combos in 11 fundamental skill areas: Music Theory, Walking and Stepping, Rudiments, Ball Changes, Double Heels, Shuffles, Slaps and Flaps, Spanks, Paddle and Rolls, Time Steps and Improvisation.  In addition, detailed notes for the Shim Sham, Coles Stroll, and the B.S. Chorus are included as well as a Timeline of Tap History and Bios of famous tap dancers. A DVD will be available soon at


Information about what to teach, when to teach it and how to teach it is included. Class Outlines, Music Recommendations, Combos, Choreography Ideas, Musical Rhythms, Improvisation Activities as well as Tap History provide material and guidance for both the experienced and new tap educator. Included are exercises and drills based on a series of progressively challenging rhythms to promote sequential progress in the major areas of tap education. Inspiring photos of tap students in action reinforce the passion and joy of sharing rhythms for both students and teachers.

NEW!!!  DVD Thelma’s Tap Notes: Children’s Edition 5-disc set

These 5 discs demonstrate the Series Section, with detailed discussions and demonstrations of the basic fundamental skills:  Rudiments, Double Heels, Shuffles, Slaps and Flaps, Paddle and Rolls, Spanks and Time Steps.  Thelma talks about the important principles of Release-Relax-Ready and how to implement this approach with Levels 1 – 5.  Step-by-step instruction is demonstrated in teaching such movements as drawbacks, time steps, spanks, shuffles and more!  This combination of DVD and book will provide teachers with everything they need to know to teach tap to children.